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Principal Investigator: Preeti Verghese, Ph. D.

The research in my lab examines the neural processes, strategies and adaptations that humans use to interact with objects in the real world. We investigate these questions using psychophysics, eye movements, computational modeling and neuroimaging. One of my research interests is understand how attention selects neural populations appropriate for the task and how this selection is implemented at various levels of the visual cortex. A complementary aspect of my research determines how humans move their eyes under conditions of uncertainty and compares human saccadic strategy with models of optimal information gathering. In addition to understanding the mechanisms of normal vision and action, we are also interested in understanding the basis of attention and visual adaptation in clinical populations. This work includes attention deficits in epilepsy and in amblyopia, and the potential for binocular vision in individuals with age-related macular degeneration. (More info)

Funding: National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation

Last updated: Wed, March 28, 2013
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