The Eye Page: An exploration of eye structures in nature
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strange eyes

Camouflaged Eyes
Ocellated ray
Ocellated rays camouflage their eyes (and their bodies) using tan spots encircled with dark brown rings.

Epaulette sharks have large fake eyes on their backs, while their true eyes are much smaller and less noticeable, up near their head.

Epaulette shark
Butterfly fish Butterfly fish have fake eyes at the base of their tail and dark stripes covering their true eyes.

Many butterflies have large eye spots on their wings, which distract from their real eyes and make them appear bigger than they really are.
The cardinal fish has thick black stripes running down its body, including a black stripe that runs right over its eye, effectively hiding it.

Peacocks are well-known for their many beautiful "eye" feathers.

A peacock

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