"Projects at the Hearing Impairment RERC”

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Christian Vogler, Ph.D. Gallaudet University, Washington, DC, Director, Technology Access Program, Prof., Dept. of Communication Studies He leads & co-leads multiple research grants that focus on accessible technology for the deaf & hard of hearing


John Brabyn

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Room 204 - Main Conference Room

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Abstract - RERC and current projects generally

Accessibility of Alexa and similar voice assistants to people who do not speak clearly or prefer to sign

The genesis of Google Live Transcribe and transition to a public release as an example of successful inclusive design

Closed caption quality research, importance of punctuation in closed captions, new work on caption reading speeds

Consumer-focused train-the-trainer technology training framework (which was just concluded in the previous RERC, and released for publication)

Impact of audio quality parameters on receptive listening (the recent ASSETS publication plus some stuff that is not yet published, including some conversational study results and practices)

Impact of AV sync and AV frame rates on receptive listening

Smart home alerting for deaf/hh using off the shelf IoT technology