Smith-Kettlewell’s Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Low Vision and Blindness

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Dr. John Brabyn


Dr. Donald Fletcher

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Room 204 - Main Conference Room

Dr. John Brabyn is the Institute’s Executive Director and the Director of our Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center. Dr. Brabyn will provide a history of the RERC program, its main funding agency, highlights of past and recent achievements, as well as a summary of present projects. The federal government’s National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research funds 16 Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers across the country and each one has its own focus area; it should be noted that Smith-Kettlewell is the only one devoted to Low Vision and Blindness.

Host: Dr. Donald Fletcher

Join Dr. Don Fletcher, one of the world’s leading authorities on Low Vision Rehabilitation, to share experiences and gain insights that can help you maintain a full and happy life while living with low vision. This support group is free. Each month there is a new topic to discuss. There are also opportunities to learn of the innovative research on low vision happening here at Smith-Kettlewell.