Improving Robot Mobility by Combining Downward-Looking and Frontal Cameras

Publication Type: Journal Article
Publication: Robotics, Volume 5, p.25 (2016)

This paper presents a novel attempt to combine a downward-looking camera and a forward-looking camera for terrain classification in the field of off-road mobile robots. The first camera is employed to identify the terrain beneath the robot. This information is then used to improve the classification of the forthcoming terrain acquired from the frontal camera. This research also shows the usefulness of the Gist descriptor for terrain classification purposes. Physical experiments conducted in different terrains (quasi-planar terrains) and different lighting conditions, confirm the satisfactory performance of this approach in comparison with a simple color-based classifier based only on frontal images. Our proposal substantially reduces the misclassification rate of the color-based classifier (∼10% versus ∼20%).