Photo of Deborah Gilden

Gilden Lab

The Gilden Lab conducts research and other activities to acquire new information, create new, devices and develop new strategies to improve the lives of people with low vision or no vision.


  • Binaural recording apparatus

    Hearing Aid for Blind Travelers with Hearing Loss

    Blind travelers rely on subtle acoustic cues for independent mobility. When hearing becomes impaired, as in the normal aging process, a special type of hearing aid may be needed to enhance these cues.

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  • Low Vision Computer Access

    Dr. Deborah Gilden wants to ensure that people who work with low vision students, clients, or patients, or have a visually impaired friend or family member, know that many features built into the Windows OS, MS Office applications, and the Internet, often can serve as tools for low vision computer access.

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  • Picture of the robotic fingerspelling hand

    Robotic Fingerspelling Hand for Communicating with Deaf-Blind People

    A robotic fingerspelling hand would give anyone who can type the ability to communicate with deaf-blind people who know tactile fingerspelling. It also would have the potential to provide computer access to deaf-blind people who do not read Braille.

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