Bringing COVID-19 Data and Figures to the Visually Impaired.

image of headphones encompassing virus, bar graph and caduceus icons
So much of the conversation about the COVID-19 pandemic has been about trends: curves and how to flatten them, models, exponential growth, and so on. These are usually conveyed visually, which means people who cannot see the graphs are excluded from the information driving our discourse, even if the raw data are screen-readable. With his A11Y COVID-19 project, Dr. Giovanni Fusco, has sonified the COVID-19 data made available by Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering to render trends audible and accessible for people with visual impairments. is an accessibility-first website that overcomes the issue by automatically creating a textual overview of the data by using sonification. In its simplest form, sonification consists of mapping a range of values into a range of audible frequencies.
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