Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers (RERC) Program: RERC on Blindness and Low Vision

Objectives: We will focus on three main areas of need. 1) Access to Education and Informtion. Objectives are to develop and evaluate new applictions of audio-tactile maps and graphics; leverage AI for a human-in-the-loop approach to video description; and develop and conduct a Summer Institute program to provide tools for blind and visually impaired students to enter STEM courses and careers. 2) Navigation and Spatial Interactions. Objectives are to make digital maps accessible to mobile blind users via an audio interface; quantify and improve training methods training methodsfor passive and active environmental cues; and develop AI-based tools for micro-navigation tasks. 3) Optimizing Functionwith Residual Vision. Objectives are to develop practical mobile questionnaire app for indentifiying cerebbral visual impairement (CVI) and suggesting interventions; and develop practical binocular training tools for individuals with central field loss to improve task performance and reduce falls. We will also conduct International Symposia on Topical Issues such as Adb=vanced Mobility Options (rideshare, autonomous vehicles, etc.) and Smart Assistants to bring industry players together with consumers and stakehoolders highlight and address accessibility issues.

Outcomes & Products: Outcomes will include the availability of new knowledge and technologies that address pressing problems for blind and visually impaired individuals that are not receiving wide attention. Products will include new tools and mobile apps addressing the specific objectives outlined above.