Smith-Kettlewell Hosts International Symposium at CLADE Meeting

On April 7, 1966, ophthalmologists, orthoptists, and ophthalmic technologists from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Venezuela met in the Province of Mendoza, (Argentina) and they agreed to found the Latin American Council of Strabismus (CLADE) under the auspices of the Pan American Ophthalmology Association (APAO). In October of that same year, the first CLADE Meeting was held in Santiago, Chile, chaired by Dr. Oscar Ham. Its statutes were approved where it is defined as a scientific organization aimed at promoting knowledge and exchange of ideas regarding strabismus and amblyopia, including its treatment, research, dissemination of knowledge, and teaching.

Last October, CLADE held its 50th anniversary in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This 21st gathering took place in mid spring, which is the nicest time of the year in the attractive city of Buenos Aires.  Once again intense scientific and social programs were held.  Symposia were given by institutions such as SKERI, SOPLA, AAPOS, and IPOSC.

The SKERI (Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute) symposium was held on Wednesday, October 25, from 8:00am through noon.  The title of this symposium was “Vision and Binocular Vision Through the Ages – Vision in the 21st Century".  Participants included Drs. Arvind Chandna, John Brabyn, Felisa Shokida, Denise Satterfield, Maria Estela Arroyo Yllanes, Federico Velez, David Romero Apis, Carlos Souza Dias, and Daniel Dominguez.

The anniversary meeting lasted for four days and nights at the elegant and traditional Alvear Palace Hotel, located in Recoleta neighborhood, which is near many tourist attractions. There was an intense social program and, on the last day, a great dinner party in celebration of CLADE’s 50th anniversary.