James Coughlan's Fellows

Ali Cheraghi

Postdoctoral Fellow

Giovanni Fusco

Scientific Software Research Analyst

Volodymyr Ivanchenko

Software Engineer at Waymo

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Valerie Morash

Postdoctoral Fellow (deceased)

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Val's research focused on haptic perception, in individuals with and without vision. She also studied accessibility for people with visual impairments. Her underlying interest was in how human cognition and knowledge is shaped by the senses.

Vidya Murali

Technical expert in applied machine learning at Ford Research

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Alejandro Rituerto

Head of R&D in Vision at Mybrana

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Pannag Sanketi

Tech Lead Manager/Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google

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Natalie Stepien-Bernabe

Ph.D. Candidate

I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Vision Science program at UC Berkeley.

Ender Tekin

Associate Scientist at The University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Santani Teng

Postdoctoral Researcher

Hello! I'm a postdoctoral researcher at Smith-Kettlewell, where I investigate auditory spatial perception, echolocation, and assisted mobility in sighted and blind persons. Previously, I completed my Ph.D. at UC Berkeley and postdoctoral work at MIT, where I remain affiliated. Until this profile is built out, please see my older site for more details: http://people.csail.mit.edu/santani/index.html

Laura Walker

Associate Scientist

Senior Visual Experience Engineer, Apple, Cupertino CA

I completed my BS in Chemical Engineering at MIT and PhD in Vision Science at UC Berkeley. At Berkeley, I studied with Dr. Jitendra Malik using psychophysics to validate computer vision algorithms. During my postdoctoral training with Drs. Preeti Verghese and James Coughlan at Smith-Kettlewell, I developed a computational model of eye movements and continue to apply and develop these models to predict how changing eye movements can improve vision for people different retinal diseases. My most recent project examines the impact of central vision loss on eye-hand coordination. The ultimate goal is to take what is learned in the laboratory and translate it into low vision rehabilitation therapies.