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Describe-a-thon 2018


Help Make Video on the Web More Accessible for Blind Viewers--

 Sign Up For Describe-a-thon 2018!

 On Saturday, April 21st, amateur and professional describers all over the world will participate in this day of description.

 Volunteer describers will describe as many YouTube videos of as many kinds as we can in a single day.

We are going VIRTUAL this year to better serve our remote volunteers and increase our community of practice. Follow us at twitter @SKERI_YD and join the Facebook event 

 Volunteer describers will use YouDescribe – Smith-Kettlewell's free, web-based tool for recording and playing audio description for any YouTube video.

Volunteer viewers can rate videos 1-5 stars at the desktop app YouDescribe or our NEW iOS app currently in beta testing; Download it onto your apple devices here.

Registered Describe-a-thon participants will receive more information about using YouDescribe, techniques for describing video, and will be eligible for prizes ($25 Amazon gift cards) for such categories as:

  • Best Description by a Professional Describer (NEW CATEGORY) 
  • Best Description of a Music Video
  • Best Description of an Educational Video or Documentary
  • Best Description of a Promotional Video or Commercial
  • Best Description of a How-To or Instructional Video
  • Most Creative (Yet Effective) Description Style
  • Most Impressive Describer

Note that prize categories are somewhat flexible, and additional prizes for outstanding contributions may be awarded at the organizer's discretion.

Please sign up! It’s easy and fun, it raises awareness about the need for more described video, and in the process we will describe a lot of video for blind and visually-impaired viewers.

Be descriptive, be brief, be part of the GLOBAL audio description revolution. 

What will YouDescribe?


  • Miele Lab

    This innovative team conducts cutting-edge research into accessibility technology for blind and visually-impaired people of all ages. 

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