Welcome to CVI@SKI




A group for parents of children with Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) supported by clinicians, researchers and teachers of the visually impaired.

The goal of CVI@SKI is to:

- foster collaboration between parents, teachers, and researchers

- create better tools for a timely diagnosis

- expand evidence-based interventions for home and school

- cultivate a robust community of support for children with CVI worldwide


We are a group of clinicians, teachers of the visually impaired, parents of children with CVI, and SKERI researchers supported by Little Learners Program, Lighthouse for the Blind, San Francisco.


If you are interested in joining or have any questions, email us at!


We encourage parents of children with CVI to fill out out the CVI@SKI Interest Form

so we can learn about you and keep you updated about future meetings.




  • a cartoon rendering of an eyeball and a brain holding hands

    Chandna Lab (SEELAB)

    We use rigorous scientific research with the goal to improve detection and treatment outcomes for individuals with strabismus, amblyopia, and cerebral visual impairment.

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Project Members

Arvind Chandna Devashish Singh