Plot of finger movement paths over a page of braille text

Haptic Kinematics of Two-Handed Braille Reading in Blind Adults

This page (currently under construction) accompanies a work-in-progress poster at the 2020 Eurohaptics meeting.

Zoom poster Q&A times:

• Wednesday September 9, 9-10 am CEST

• Wednesday September 9, 6-7 pm CEST

• By appointment! (note: I am in California, GMT-7h, 9 hours behind Leiden)

Both times accessible with this link:

Topic: Eurohaptics Poster Meeting - 2-Handed Braille

Meeting ID: 836 3486 0884

Passcode: 246805

PDF poster reprint available here.


Video of an example trial: 

We measured the movements of fingers while blind adults read standardized texts using either one or two hands. An example trajectory plot is shown here, showing left and right index fingers:


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