Plot of finger movement paths over a page of braille text

Haptic Kinematics of Two-Handed Braille Reading in Blind Adults

This page (currently under construction) accompanies a work-in-progress poster at the 2020 Eurohaptics meeting.

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• Wednesday September 9, 9-10 am CEST

• Wednesday September 9, 6-7 pm CEST

• By appointment! (note: I am in California, GMT-7h, 9 hours behind Leiden)

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Topic: Eurohaptics Poster Meeting - 2-Handed Braille

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PDF poster reprint available here.


We measured the movements of fingers while blind adults read standardized texts using either one or two hands. An example trajectory plot is shown here, showing left and right index fingers:

Video of an example trial: 


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    Teng Lab

    We aim to better understand how people perceive, interact with, and move through the world, especially when vision is unavailable. To this end, the lab studies perception and sensory processing in multiple sensory modalities, with particular interests in echolocation and braille reading in blind persons. We are also interested in mobility and navigation, including assistive technology using nonvisual cues. These are wide-ranging topics, which we approach using a combination of psychophysical, neurophysiological, engineering, and computational tools.

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Project Members

Daisy Lei Manfred MacKeben Santani Teng