Low Vision Computer Access

Dr. Deborah Gilden wants to ensure that people who work with low vision students, clients, patients, or who want to help low vision friends or family members, can learn about the many features built into the Windows OS, MS Office applications, and the Internet, that can serve as tools for low vision computer access. Toward this end she has developed a one-day intensive hands-on workshop called Easy on the Eyes. She has given this workshop both in Liverpool, England and San Francisco, California. If your group would like information on hosting this workshop, contact Dr. Gilden at debby.ski.org.


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    Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center

    The Center's research goal is to develop and apply new scientific knowledge and practical, cost-effective devices to better understand and address the real-world problems of blind, visually impaired, and deaf-blind consumers

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  • Photo of Deborah Gilden

    Gilden Lab

    The Gilden Lab conducts research and other activities to acquire new information, create new, devices and develop new strategies to improve the lives of people with low vision or no vision.

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