Graphic of lines of braille with finger trace trajectory superimposed over braille

Regressions in Braille Reading

This project explores regressions (movements to re-read text) in braille reading.

The image on the right plots the braille reading finger movements in blue and regressions in black.


  • Collage of RERC staff mebers and RERC projects

    Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center

    The Center's research goal is to develop and apply new scientific knowledge and practical, cost-effective devices to better understand and address the real-world problems of blind, visually impaired, and deaf-blind consumers

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  • L to R: Huiying Shen, Ali Cheraghi, Brandon Biggs, James Coughlan, Charity Pitcher-Cooper, Giovanni Fusco

    Coughlan Lab

    The Coughlan Lab

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  • Scattered letters of varying clarity

    MacKeben Lab

    Work in this laboratory is devoted to researching facts and developing tools to help the rehabilitation of people with low vision, especially those with macular vision loss.

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Project Members

Daisy Lei Natalie Stepien-Bernabe Val Morash