Sensorimotor Adaptation as a Function of Age and Experience

Can eye-hand coordination adapt with extensive experience? Does age play a role in the level of adaptation achieved? In this aim, we will examine reach behavior in subjects with JMD for comparison with their AMD counterparts. Both the spatial and temporal profiles of the eye and hand will be examined. We know of only a few studies that examine eye-hand coordination and the use of the PRL for manual tasks in the presence of central scotoma. In this work, we propose to build a rich dataset of the spatial and temporal properties of both eye and reaching movements across the adult lifespan (age 40-100) and across visual profiles (normal, AMD and JMD). This dataset will be an invaluable resource to vision and neuroscience researchers who do not have access to clinical populations. We will make this dataset publicly available and exert specific efforts to disseminate it widely. 


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    The goal of our laboratory is to build computational, predictive models of voluntary eye movements in both healthy and diseased states.

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