Smith-Kettlewell Technical File Soldering Series

Smith-Kettlewell Technical File

Soldering Series

This series, which spanned several years in the Smith-Kettlewell Technical File (SKTF), describes how blind people do electrical soldering. Bill Gerrey, Editor of the SKTF, originally intended this series to be the beginning of a book on soldering and the techniques used by blind technicians. Since there are as many different soldering systems as there are fabrication processes and materials, the compilation of an exhaustive blind soldering tutorial would be a monumental undertaking. Since such a thorough tutorial has never been compiled, we offer the next best thing: Bill Gerrey's own experience and recommendations about blind soldering, along with the suggestions and input from avid readers and contributors to the SKTF.

The following links lead directly to the Soldering Series articles in the SKTF issues in which the articles originally appeared.