Bay Area Strabismus Club Meeting at Smith-Kettlewell!

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Host: Arvind Chandna

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Room 204 - Main Conference Room

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Dear all, 
Strabismologist, Pediatric Ophthalmologists, Orthoptists, Optometrists within the Bay Area, 
we've organized a once every 3-4 month meeting to discuss clinical cases and clinical research 
studies in strabismus and amblyopia under the umbrella of the Bay Area Strabismus Club.  
After many years, the meeting is returning to Smith-Kettlewell. I would like to thank Dr. Jampolsky, 
John Brabyn, Bill Good, and Chuan Hou for encouraging me to organize this. Also special Thanks 
to Marilyn Tuite and all who work with her for their administrative and facility support.  
The purpose of these meetings is to gather a mixture of  Smith Kettlewell clinical and other researchers 
together for discussions and to give informal presentations. This meeting begins promptly at 6.30pm 
(I know, I know! - but that is to allow clinicians to come straight formwork and you can look at it this way,
you can catch up with that review/grant proposal/IRB that you have been putting off) we will conclude at 
I'd like to personally extend an invitation to all clinicians, researchers, and scientists.  If you have a 
presentation on strabismus or an idea on strabismus, binocular vision, amblyopia that you want to bounce 
around clinicians this is your chance!  If you have a manifest or latent interest in this topic and wish to 
attend please do let me know soon so I can have an accurate food count.  
Best wishes