Eyesyght, Towards a Dynamic Visual and tactile Touch Tablet

Photo of Santiago Velasquez

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Santiago Velasquez, Founder and CEO of Eyesyght


Brandon Biggs

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Room 204 - Main Conference Room

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Abstract- Currently, tactile displays are extremely expensive and hard to produce. They often consist of multiple moving parts, and have a limited fidelity. To show a 
tactile image to the user, it generally requires a significant amount of manual labor to convert a visual image to something that can be felt. The Eyesyght 
project aims to create a tactile tablet touchscreen that also can show visual images. The display uses electromagnetic impulses to represent shapes on the 
screen. This approach has limited moving parts, and can potentially show high enough fidelity to represent both braille and visual shapes, which has never 
been done before in a digital display. The tablet can show images that have been converted to grayscale. The Eyesyght project presents a new method for 
representing tactile images, and has the potential to replace actuator pins for general tactile displays.

There will be two parts to the session:

  1.  I'll be showing the actual device and discussing its' broader implications.
  2. Hands-on - for those who are interested, I will have an NDA to sign, and those who sign it can learn about the technical underpinnings of the device.

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