Have You Heard About the Latest Products for people who have vision loss, FDA Cleared or Not?

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RonSchuchard, PhD, FARVO ERI Executive Director Envision, Inc.


Donald Fletcher

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Room 204 - Main Conference Room

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Abstract - Dr. Ron Schuchard will review the recent research and development for products that are marketed for treatment of vision loss. This review draws from his experiences as a vision rehabilitation researcher and as a FDA senior staff member.  Attendees will also be encouraged to ask about treatments for vision loss that are of interest to them.

Description - FDA registers, clears or approves products (devices, drugs and biologics) for marketing depending on the level of risk to the user.  The devices include a large range of technology from optics (e.g., magnifiers, telescopes and other optical aids) to digital health (e.g., home based visual function testing and navigation aids on smart phones and tablets). This informative discussion will provide a review of the recent products that have come on the market with specific examples of technology research and development including performance studies and other FDA processes that led to marketing the products for the blind and visually impaired population.  

Join Dr. Don Fletcher, one of the world’s leading authorities on Low Vision Rehabilitation, to share experiences and learn about the things that help you maintain a full and happy life while living with low vision. This support group is completely free. Each month there is a new topic to discuss. There will also be opportunities to learn about the innovative research on low vision happening at Smith-Kettlewell.