How Exotropes Alternate to Make Accurate Saccades to Visual Targets

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Jonathan C. Horton M.D., Ph.D. William F. Hoyt Professor of Ophthalmology Beckman Vision Center, UCSF


Arvind Chandna

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Room 204 - Main Conference Room

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Patients with exotropia are able to make accurate saccades to visual targets, often using either eye. 

·         Which eye provides information to the brain regarding target location? 

·         How is that information shared by the oculomotor system, enabling the subject to use either eye for target acquisition? 

·         How does the onset of strabismus affect the topographic map in the superior colliculus, a major supranuclear structure involved in saccade generation?   

These questions will be addressed to explain how exotropes adapt to misalignment of their visual axes.

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