Low Vision Support Group, 5/1/19: Audio Description

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Charity Pitcher-Cooper Project Manager for YouDescribe


Don Fletcher Scientist (Affiliate / Clinical)

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Room 204 - Main Conference Room

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Audio Description (sometimes called video description, or Description Video Service- DVS) is a translation of visual images into words for people with vision impairments. While many blockbuster movies and popular TV shows come with audio descriptions, a lot of video content is left undescribed and inaccessible. Home movies, trailers, educational videos, cute pet videos, and other video content that for lack of funds, lack of importance, or lack of time have not been described.

YouDescribe is free tool designed and developed by Smith-Kettlewell to add audio description to any YouTube video. YouDescribe allows you the viewer to request videos for description from volunteer and professional describers. Or you can ask a friend, family member or teacher to do the description! All you need to view is a computer with internet access, or an iPhone/Tablet. All your friends and family need to describe something for you is a computer and a microphone.

Charity Pitcher-Cooper, audio description enthusiast, and project manager of YouDescribe will be showcasing the YouDescribe application for viewers, and teaching how to use it on your lap top or iphone/pad.

                -How to request audio description for the content you want to see!

                -How to search for already described videos you can view right now.

                -How to rate videos so our sighted volunteers can improve techniques.

                -And how to get your family and friends excited about describing for YOU.