Low Vision Support Group, 9/5/18: The Power of the Periphery

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Mark O'Brien and Natela Shanidze, Ph.D.


Donald C. Fletcher, M.D.

Meeting room: 

Room 204 - Main Conference Room

Peripheral vision is what is seen to the sides when the eye is pointing straight ahead. Mark is a member of the Low Vision Support Group and a research subject at Smith-Kettlewell. Mark will talk about how he has learned to use his peripheral vision in daily life (both the techniques he has used and the benefits he has reaped) and Natela will discuss her research findings in this area.

The Low Vision Support Group meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 3 pm. The meetings are held at Smith-Kettlewell, which is located at 2318 Fillmore Street in San Francisco. There is no cost and everyone is welcome to attend.