Low Vision Support Group - "A Universal Low Cost Low Vision Aid."

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Dr. Frank S. Werblin, Professor of Neuroscience, University of California at Berkeley

Dr. Werblin will describe and demonstrate the use of a highly effective wearable visual aid designed to improve the visual performance of those suffering from macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa and other degenerative visual diseases.   Using the device, the patient has access to 1) the real world, 2) the digital media world (Netflix, New York Times) and 3) The device can also be used for remote diagnosis: The patient at home can be evaluated over the internet by the clinician at the hospital. The device is built on a Virtual Reality platform, and has been completely reprogrammed to serve the visually handicapped. It is currently in use in clinics and households throughout the US.

The Low Vision Support Group meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 3pm at Smith-Kettlewell (2318 Fillmore Street, San Francisco).