Directions to the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute

Directions to Smith-Kettlewell at 2318 Fillmore Street

The Institute is located at 2318 Fillmore Street between Clay and Washington Streets in Pacific Heights. 

We recommend using Google Maps to navigate from your location to the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute for the most up-to-date and accurate directions. 

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of general driving directions from different parts of the Bay below. 

From the South Bay 

  1. Take 101 North. 
  2. Exit 101 North at the US-101 N/Mission St exit toward Van Ness Ave/ G G Bridge (exit 434A). 
  3. Turn right onto Mission St/US-101 N. 
  4. Continue to follow US-101 N. 
  5. Turn left onto Pine St. 
  6. Turn right onto Fillmore St.

From the East Bay 

  1. Cross the Bay Bridge, then exit at Fremont St. 
  2. Turn left onto Fremont.
  3. This becomes Front St. 
  4. Turn left onto Pine St. 
  5. Turn right onto Fillmore St.

From the North Bay

  1. Take 101 South across the Golden Gate Bridge. 
  2. After the Toll Plaza, keep left (marked "101 South") through the Presidio, which becomes Lombard Street after 1/2 mile.
  3. Stay on Lombard St until Fillmore St. 
  4. Turn right at Fillmore Street; SKERI is over the hill, about 9 blocks on the left.

Parking Garages:

We recommend using Google Maps to search for directions to these garages. Rates may change, but are updated as of June 2023. 

  • 2405 Clay Street (at Webster): Open 24/7, 3-minute walk to SKERI
    • $8/hour up to $35/day
  • 2100 Webster (Note: This garage fills up very quickly.): Open 7 AM - 7 PM 
    • $4/30 minutes up to $35/day
  • 1610 Geary Boulevard, Japan Center Garage: Open 5 AM-2 AM, 11-minute walk to SKERI
    • 12 PM-6 PM: $3/hour
    • 6 PM-12 PM: $2/hour
  • 2450 California Street: Open 24/7, 4-minute walk to SKERI
    • ranges from $3-$4.25/hour

Street Parking:

Finding street parking takes patience.  Enforcement is vigilant at expired meters, in street cleaning zones, and in 2-hour parking zones. Approximately $3 per hour, paid by card (debit or credit) or coins.

Public Transit:

We recommend visiting the San Francisco Municipal Transportation website for the most up-to-date directions and information regarding Public Transit. However, we provide some general directions via various bus lines below.

We are located at 2318 Fillmore on the east side of Fillmore mid-block between Clay and Washington streets, one and a half blocks north of Sacramento. 

Thus we can be reached via buses on Fillmore and Sacramento as follows:

From BART, or the S.F. MUNI light rail 

  1. Get off at the Embarcadero station, the first one in San Francisco if you are coming from the East Bay. 
  2. Exit the station at the Drumm Street exit, the easterly-most exit towards the rear end of the train you left.
  3. Taxis are available here, in front of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. 
  4. The hotel is north of the Drumm exit, beyond the cable car turnaround.

For the San Francisco Muni bus

  1. Travel 2 blocks northwest to catch the “1 California” at Davis & Sacramento (northeast corner, on Sacramento).
  2. Get off the number 1 bus at Fillmore (the stop before Fillmore is Webster). 
  3. Walk back along Sacramento and cross Fillmore, then turn left. 
  4. Continue uphill and cross Clay Street.
  5. After Clay, the sidewalk (when trailing towards the right) will level off four times. At the fourth is our office at 2318 Fillmore, just after our garage entrance. If you get to Washington Street, you have gone about ½ block too far.

From downtown Van Ness Avenue buses

  1. Get off at California (the stop before is Sutter), and walk along Van Ness the same way the bus was going.
  2. Cross Sacramento and turn right to the bus stop. 
  3. Take the “1 California” to Fillmore as described above.

From the Mission District 

  1. Take the number 22 Fillmore bus, inbound to the Marina district. 
  2. Get off at Sacramento (the stop before is Pine). 
  3. Continue in the same direction on Fillmore, on the same side of the street (uphill). 
  4. Cross Sacramento, then cross Clay Street. 
  5. Continue with directions “After Clay…” from above.

From Marin County 

  1. Transfer from Golden Gate Transit to the 22 Fillmore bus at Fillmore and Lombard. 
  2. Get off the Golden Gate bus on Lombard and continue in the same direction the bus was going to the corner of Fillmore. 
  3. Turn right onto Fillmore where the 22 stop is just around the corner.
  4. Get off at Sacramento (the stop before is Jackson). 
  5. Cross Fillmore and turn left. 
  6. Travel uphill and cross Clay Street. 
  7. Continue with directions “After Clay…” from above.