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  • Dr. McKee smiling in front of a whiteboard

    Suzanne McKee Reflects on Her Career

    Suzanne McKee reviews her profoundly influential career in vision science in Annual Review of Vision Science
  • photo of people surrounding a table with a laptop, a notebook and a cofee cup on it

    University of Michigan Students Visit SKERI

    SKERI hosted a group of trainees from the University of Michigan Kinesiology program. The visit was organized by Dr. Haylie Miller, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Michigan, and funded by a generous donation by a UM Kinesiology alum.
  • 3D printed frame and 2 eyeballs with lasers illuminating the pupil

    SKERI Project Featured by the Psychonomic Society

    A recent publication from the Eye-Head Movement lab was spotlighted by the Psychonomic Society as Featured Content
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    SKERI Receives Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) grant on...

    Smith-Kettlewell is proud to announce the newly awarded Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) grant on Blindness and Low Vision. This is a five-year grant from the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research, establishing Smith-Kettlewell as a center promoting the independence and well-being of people with visual impairments through research and development to improve the understanding of, and provide solutions for, challenges facing the blind and low-vision community.
  • Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers (RERC) Program: RERC on...

    Objectives: We will focus on three main areas of need. 1) Access to Education and Informtion. Objectives are to develop and evaluate new applictions of audio-...
  • photograph of a person's hand reaching for a cup with a grasp movement that appears to be poorly suited for the task

    Preeti Verghese Awarded NEI Grant for Amblyopia

    SKERI's Senior Scientist, Dr. Preeti Verghese - in collaboration with Drs Suzanne McKee of Smith-Kettlewell and Dr. Dennis Levi of Berkeley's Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry & Vision Science - was awarded a 5-year NIH Research Project Grant (R01) from the National Eye Institute to study the potential for residual stereopsis in those with strabismus and amblyopia.
  • journal cover art drawing of a chameleon using each eye to look at a different fly

    SKERI Scientist Organizes Vestibular/ Oculomotor Meeting

    SKERI Associate Scientist Natela Shanidze co-organized the Satellite Meeting of the Society for the Neural Control of Movement (NCM) 2022 Annual Meeting in Dublin, Ireland. The meeting, titled A fine balance: The neural control of eye and head movements in health versus disease, celebrated the scientific contributions of Dr. W. Michael King.
  • Dr. Agathos in front of her poster "Eccentric Viewing Shifts Subjective Visual Vertical Perception"

    Catherine Agathos wins Best Poster Award at ISPGR

    Dr. Catherine Agathos, a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Eye/Head Movement Lab won a Best Poster Award in Basic Science for Postdoctoral Fellow from the International Society of Posture & Gait Research at the 2022 World Congress in Montreal, Canada.
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    International Higher Visual Function Question Inventory Study

    The Higher Visual Function Question Inventory (HVFQI), created and validated by Dr. Arvind Chandna, researchers in the SEELAB, and Alder Hey Children's Hospital is a growing international study that is attracting participants all over the world, including Canada, Scotland, and the United Kingdom. This study is being done completely remote, with interviews being held through virtual meetings. It is being made available in numerous languages and even accommodating a text to speech option. This study is approved by our Institution Review Board (ethical approval) at Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute.
  • Al Alden

    SKERI Mourns the Passing of Al Alden

    The SKERI community mourns the death of our longtime colleague Al Alden. Al joined Smith-Kettlewell in the 1970's, and and was indispensable in his knowledge of physics and electronics. He did the hands-on design and building of many of the devices that SKERI has been famous for, including the Tactile Vision Substitution System (TVSS), Talking Signs and many more. Even after retirement, Al stayed a part of SKERI’s vibrant community and will now be greatly missed. All of us at Smith-Kettlewell extend sympathy to his family and friends in this time of loss.