The Smith-Kettlewell Library consists of two sections, housed in separate adjacent rooms: One each for books and scientific journals. Both rooms are well lit and can also be used for small meetings in peace and behind closed doors.

Book Library (Room 222)

The book library contains about 1500 books, with an additional 100-200 in office-specific or digital collections. Materials span a wide range of subject matters from Ophthalmology to Mathematics, and from Computers to Strabismus. Our collection also contains several “gems” from the 19th century in several languages, as well as various mementoes of Smith-Kettlewell's history and recognition over the years.

The main print book collection and some digital resources are searchable in our new Online Catalog:


Journal Library (Room 223)

We have at least partial records of 128 journals, of which four are currently maintained by online subscriptions.

Electronic Journal Access

Online Subscriptions wiki page (SKERI only)

Online Journals (to be updated)

Other Collections

The Online Catalog specifies multiple Collections with the Collection label in each entry. Aside from the Main Collection, they include:

  • The late Valerie Morash's collection in Room 412
  • Santani Teng's collection in Room 415

Support the SKERI Library

The Smith-Kettlewell Library has been enriched through generous donations of books and journals from prominent ophthalmologists and researchers. Donating funds will help us keep up with the ever-increasing costs of journal subscriptions and prospectively defray publishing costs!

Donate here and, if you wish, specify the Library in the "Special Instructions to Seller" text field:

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