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Why Get Involved

Our mission is to create a unique environment for research on human vision. Your support enables the Institute to continue to champion "out-of-the-box” thinking, foster closer clinical collaborations, sponsor international symposia that attract the world’s best experts to discuss unsolved issues, and provide training for young scientists to join the research endeavor.

Here are ways to get involved:


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Participate in a Study

Smith-Kettlewell's research depends on the participation of volunteers of all ages, ranging from infancy to older adults.

Financial compensation is available. If you would like to learn more about a project or find out if you are eligible to participate, please contact us at 415-345-2062 or email
For more general information about our current studies, click here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering? We have a wide variety of projects that interns and/or volunteers can engage in!

If you are interested in learning about research and helping in your community, you can find out more about our current projects by e-mailing with a description of your interests and skills. 
Past interns have contributed to research in eye movements, visual perception and cognition, echolocation, and participated in the development of tools such as YouDescribe and the Tactile Graphics Helper. For more information, click here.




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Support Groups and Resources

Smith-Kettlewell is honored to host support groups and provide resources to those with visual impairments.

Our Low Vision Support Group is led by Dr. Don Fletcher, a leading authority on low vision rehabilitation, and focuses on maintaining a full and happy life while living with low vision. For more information, contact Our Cerebral Visual Impairment group is led by Dr. Arvind Chandna, a senior clinician scientist, and is open to all families of children with cortical visual impairment, as well as teachers of students with visual impairments. For more information, contact


The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 research organization, Our work is made possible through public and private grants, as well as by generosity of organization and individuals. For more general information, click here.


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