Christian Sinnott

Photograph of Christian Sinnott
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
PhD, Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno, 2023
MS, Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno, 2022
MA, Interdisciplinary Studies, Oregon State University, 2016
BA, Psychology, Oregon State University, 2014

I am an experimental psychologist and perception scientist that focuses on understanding self-motion perception and multisensory processing broadly. Generally, I aim to understand how the human nervous system combines information from the senses to accurately estimate environmental and bodily states as one moves and acts in the world. 

This is important to understand normative processing in our everyday lives, but also to understand and anticipate how performance and behavior might be altered when people encounter challenging sensory situations. These can range from working over short or long periods of time in challenging sensory environments (e.g., underwater, microgravity), to living with an acute or chronic sensory deficiency. 

I measure human behaviors using eye and motion tracking during real-world activities, as well as behavioral and psychophysical experimental paradigms in the laboratory. From these data, we can construct models to better understand how the nervous system senses, disambiguates, and integrates sensory information to inform behavior. Currently, I work to understand how noise exposure may damage the vestibular organs alongside the auditory ones, and observe how behavior and multisensory processing are altered in light of this insult.