Saeideh Ghahghaei

Photo of Saeideh Ghahghaei
Research Scientist, Meta
PhD in Cognitive Psychology, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK
BSc in Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

I am a cognitive psychologists and a vision scientist. I am interested in understanding reading problems in order to improve the reading experience. Along with Dr. Chandna, I study higher visual function deficits in children with cerebral visual impairment (CVI). Specifically, in collaboration with with Dr. Chandna I lead the research to investigate how CVI affects reading in each child in order to improve or develop individualized (re)habilitation techniques or assistive technologies. In addition, I am interested to understand how TBI (which is a form of CVI) affects reading in adults. I am also interested in binocular vision (stereopsis, fusion, suppression) and how the two eyes work together during daily living tasks in individuals with normal or abnormal vision, such as strabismus or amblyopia. To do so, I use (i) qualitative methods such as as in-depth interviews, surveys and questionnaires and (ii) quantitative methods such as regression, factor analysis and cluster analysis on objective data (e.g., eye-movements and accommodation measurements; behavioural data on psychophysics experiments or EEG). Furthermore, I develop applications that can be used for research or rehabilitation.