CVIers Discussion Group for Parents and Children with Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI)

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Event Date

Monday, April 15th, 2024 – 12:00pm to 1:30pm


Arvind Chandna, M.D.


The CVIers & Parents Discussion Group will hold its next meeting on Monday, April 15th from 12:00 p.m to 1.30pm. PST. Click here to check time in your time zone. The meeting is a place where families, educators, researchers, and clinicians can meet in a virtual environment to connect and learn from one another. Adult CVIers welcome to share their journey with Parents and Children CVIers. Educators, Researchers, and Clinicians welcome in a supporting role.

Our next meeting will be about:
Visual Fatigue in CVI & Personal Strategies for Management: Visual fatigue is an aspect of CVI that can impact every area of life, from accessing social situations to various environments to education and work. Many with CVI comment that not only can their vision be significantly negatively impacted based on many factors that are fatiguing, but the whole body as well. Visual fatigue is also reported to sometimes last into the following days. Our invited panel will discuss their  experiences of fatigue in CVI and especially how they have managed the middle and high school and college year demands.

Our Agenda for next meeting is as follows:

This meeting will start with a welcome and brief introduction to the CVIers discussion group. Mae will follow this up with self-introductions for those new to this meeting. Arvind will then give a talk on Visual Fatigue. This will be followed by a discussion on Visual Fatigue in CVI by Mae Karnas, Nai Damato, Dagbjort Andresdottir and Sebastian Duesing. This will be followed by an open moderated discussion. Silvia will then conclude the meeting.

How You Can Participate

How to RenameIf you haven’t already, please rename yourself in Zoom to include your role, for example, if you are a parent, CVIer, clinician, educator, etc. To do this, select the “Participants” button. When the list of participants comes up, click the three dots after your own name, and “More.”  You’ll see “rename” is one of the options. Or, please let Dev know and he can help with renaming.

  • Put your question in the chat
  • Raise hand feature
  • Verbally state your name

To ensure the space be accessible to all, thank you very much for using one of the three ways to make your request to speak known, and hold your comments until you are recognized, so we can hear each valuable comment.

Meeting Guidelines

This meeting is for Parents of Children with CVI, and Older Children with CVI (with their parents and carers). Adults with CVI who wish to share their journey to help Parents and their Children with CVI are very welcome! In a Supporting Role, attending by invitation, are Clinicians, Researchers, Teachers, and Educators. Here are some guidelines to help the meeting run smoothly and clarify expectations:

  • It is very helpful for blind and CVI attendees if we speak our name before giving our comment, such as “Katie here,” or “Katie speaking.”
  • This CVIers Discussion Group includes older children and adults discussing their own lived experiences of CVI and parents of CVIers discussing their observations and experiences of their children. In this space, participants may not reinterpret or deny the personal experiences shared by participating CVIers or parents.
  • What is shared in this meeting is often personal. Please do not share material from this meeting outside of this meeting.
  • Please stay muted until you would like to speak.
  • Strictly no distribution of recordings or the Zoom link, downloading or copying any content at the meeting or after the meeting.
  • If you have questions or suggestions for future topics, you are warmly invited to write to us at

Recording disclosure

The meeting today will be recorded. A video version of the prepared presentations will become available online with permission from our speakers. The discussion section will be available as audio recording, on request. You will soon see a button informing you that recording has begun; if you wish not to be recorded, you may turn off your video, or leave the meeting.


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