How Exotropes Alternate to Make Accurate Saccades to Visual Targets

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Thursday, July 18th, 2019 – 1:00pm


Jonathan C. Horton M.D., Ph.D. William F. Hoyt Professor of Ophthalmology Beckman Vision Center, UCSF


Arvind Chandna



Patients with exotropia are able to make accurate saccades to visual targets, often using either eye. 

·         Which eye provides information to the brain regarding target location? 

·         How is that information shared by the oculomotor system, enabling the subject to use either eye for target acquisition? 

·         How does the onset of strabismus affect the topographic map in the superior colliculus, a major supranuclear structure involved in saccade generation?   

These questions will be addressed to explain how exotropes adapt to misalignment of their visual axes.

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