My Perspective on Vision and Vision Rehabilitation

Dr. August Colenbrander

Event Date

Wednesday, October 4th, 2023 – 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Affiliate Senior Scientist August Colenbrander


"Vision is the most important sense for guiding our interaction with the environment."

In my career, I have been involved in clinical ophthalmology, in visual science and in vision rehabilitation. Those domains all involve the eyes, but there are significant differences in how they approach vision.

This talk is based on a presentation I gave in June, when receiving a Lifelong Achievement Award from the International Society for Low Vision Research and Rehabilitation. In it, I want to share some of the insights I have gained over more than forty years in vision rehabilitation. I want to particularly stress aspects that may be overlooked.

Improving Zoom accessibility for people with hearing impairments

People with hearing impairments often use lipreading and speechreading to improve speech comprehension. This approach is helpful but only works if the speaker’s face and mouth are clearly visible. For the benefit of people with hearing impairments on Zoom calls, please enable your device’s camera whenever you are speaking on Zoom, and face the camera while you speak. (Feel free to disable your camera when you aren’t speaking.)

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