Zoom Brown Bag: The Genesis and Future of Audiom: viewing maps in audio.

The Genesis and Future of Audiom: viewing maps in audio.

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Wednesday, February 17th, 2021 – 2:00pm to 3:00pm


Brandon Biggs


Abstract - Digital maps from Google, ESRI, and other places have always been made completely visual. This means blind, low vision, and other nonvisual users have no access to nonvisual digital maps. The legally compliant method is to write a text description, but the text does not give critical spatial information, which is why maps are visual graphics in the first place. 

Introducing Audiom. Utilizing interface conventions employed in audio games, games that can be played completely entirely in audio, audiom is being co-designed and built with blind users. The eventual goal of Audiom is to be a cross-sensory component with a complete visual version, along with a full auditory version, that can be embedded into any website or application, similar to Google Maps. This presentation will take you on a journey through the study and co-design, through problems and challenges that have needed to be overcome, and into the future.


Improving Zoom accessibility for people with hearing impairments 

People with hearing impairments often use lipreading and speechreading to improve speech comprehension. This approach is helpful but only works if the speaker’s face and mouth are clearly visible. For the benefit of people with hearing impairments on Zoom calls, please enable your device’s camera whenever you are speaking on Zoom, and face the camera while you speak. (Feel free to disable your camera when you aren’t speaking.)

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