Fellowship Application

The application process at SKERI starts with identifying a mentor and completing this Application Form.
In response to the announcement of fellowship opening, interested applicants must first identify a mentor (https://www.ski.org/current-mentors) from among the PIs at Smith-Kettlewell, complete this form, upload a CV and a Letter of Intent, and arrange for a Mentor Statement and two letters of letters of reference/recommendation to be sent to fellowships@ski.org.

Fellowship Applicant's Primary Information
Required information for application of fellowship at Smith-Kettlewell
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The principal investigators at Smith-Kettlewell are world-class scientists engaged in full-time research with few administrative or teaching responsibilities.

Training stems directly from real-world research in daily collaboration with top-notch investigators. (Current list of Mentors at Smith-Kettlewell)

At Smith-Kettlewell, mentors are able to devote an unusual level of attention to teaching the details of research strategy, experimental techniques, and content-specific knowledge. This fosters a fertile and exciting learning environment with researchers who have both the time and motivation to provide meaningful mentorship.

Fellowship Time Period
Start and end dates for your fellowship at Smith-Kettlewell. Fellowships are generally awarded for two years.
Doctoral Degree
Human Subjects
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Letter Of Intent
The Letter of Intent should describe in roughly equal parts 1) your academic and research background, 2) your proposed area of research, 3) why you chose to work with a particular mentor, and 4) how the proposed fellowship will advance your career. The limit is 1,000 words.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Optional Section

The following questions are optional, but helpful to Smith-Kettlewell in the collection of data to present to external funding agencies related to our diversity efforts.