Coughlan Lab

The goal of our laboratory is to develop and test assistive technology for blind and visually impaired persons that is enabled by computer vision and other sensor technologies.



  • A Computer Vision-Based Indoor Wayfinding Tool

    We are creating a smartphone-based indoor navigation app to estimate the user's location in an indoor environment and guide him/her to a desired destination.

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  • BLaDE (Barcode Localization and Decoding Engine) smartphone app in action


    BLaDE (Barcode Localization and Decoding Engine) is an Android smartphone app designed to enable a blind or visually impaired user find and read product barcodes.

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  • Picture shows person pointing finger to plastic model of a human heart; 3D camera mounted on tripod views model and hand; computer, connected to camera, announces "Aortic arch"


    CamIO (short for “Camera Input-Output”) is a system to make physical objects (such as documents, maps, devices and 3D models) accessible to blind and visually impaired persons, by providing real-ti

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  • Computer Vision Journal Club

    The Computer Vision Journal Club meets periodically to discuss papers on topics in computer vision, machine learning and other topics of interest such as assistive technologies for persons who are

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  • Virtual aerial view of intersection area near a pedestrian's feet, reconstructed by Crosswatch algorithms


    Crosswatch is a smartphone-based system developed for providing real-time guidance to blind and visually impaired travelers at traffic intersections.

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  • Zoomed-in view of appliance display partially obscured by glare

    Display Reader

    The goal of the Display Reader project is to develop a computer vision system that runs on smartphones and tablets to enable blind and visually impaired persons to read appliance displays.

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  • Regressions in Braille Reading

    This project explores regressions (movements to re-read text) in braille reading.

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  • Sample indoor sign showing automatic detection in yellow

    Sign Finder

    This project seeks to develop a computer vision-based system that allows a visually impaired traveler to find and read informational signs, such as signs labeling office doors, streets, restrooms a

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  • Tactile Graphics Helper (TGH)

    Tactile graphics use raised lines, textures, and elevations to provide individuals with visual impairments access to graphical materials through touch.

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  • Tutorials and Reference

    These are tutorials and reference materials I have written on various topics in probability and geometry over the years.

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