Sensor distribution of MEG decoding signature for visual alphabetic letters

Teng Lab

Welcome to the Cognition, Action, and Neural Dynamics Laboratory at SKERI

We study auditory, visual, and haptic perception, echolocation, and assisted mobility in sighted and blind persons. Using a combination of psychophysical, neurophysiological, engineering, and computational tools, we aim to better understand how people perceive the world, especially when vision is unavailable.

What kinds of projects are we working on?

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  • SKERI Scientists Spearhead a Face Shield Making Campaign

    Founded by Dr. Santani Teng, the Bay Area Face Shield Supply (BAFSS) has sent hundreds of face shields to healthcare workers in the community. Dr. Teng has been working with Drs Audrey Wong-Kee-You and Cecile Vullings, along with other volunteers across the Bay Area to provide life-saving personal protective equipment to healthcare workers as they work with COVID-19 pateints.
  • A schematic diagram showing a neural activation map superimposed on a head, which is emitting sound waves that a nearby surface is reflecting.

    SKERI researcher awarded grant to study echolocation

    Santani Teng, an Associate Scientist at Smith-Kettlewell , has been awarded a three-year grant from The E. Matilda Ziegler Foundation for the Blind and Visually Impaired to study the neural processes of echolocation. Like bats and dolphins, some blind people use active echolocation : they make sounds and use the reflections to perceive and interact with their surroundings. These sounds, often in...