August Colenbrander Recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award

Black and white photo of a young Dr. Colenbrander with his two sons

At its recent conference (held once every 3 years) in Denver CO, the International Society for Low Vision Rehabilitation Research (ISLRR) recognized Smith-Kettlewell's August Colenbrander, M.D. with a Lifetime Achievement Award.Dr. Colenbrander demonstrating his 1-Meter letter chart on his sister Jetteke.

The Award recognized Dr. Colenbrander's pioneering efforts in Low Vision Rehabilitation, which have included innovations in test charts, writing visual disability standards for the AMA and the WHO, developing a holistic framework for low vision rehabilitation (encompassing the eye disease, visual function, and the person function in the real world), and promoting awareness and adoption of low vision services within the field of ophthalmology.

A two-hour session of the conference on July 26 was dedicated to presentations by colleagues in his honor, and a one-hour talk by him summarizing his latest theories and approaches to the field of Low Vision research and practice.

Smith-Kettlewell is honored to have Dr. Colenbrander as a member and colleague since 1971. 

Dr. Colenbrander taking the podium to accept the award