Brandon Biggs and XR Navigation Are Making History

View of computer screen running early version of Audiom

History has been made! Audiom just received the first Accessibility Conformance Report for a digital map viewer showing Web Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) AA compliance from Level Access! (It actually has WCAG AAA compliance, but that’s because we over-achieve on inclusion). This means Audiom is the only section 508, section 504, ADA, European Accessibility Act, etc. compliant map viewer and editor! You can say goodbye to simple alt-text, nearby address searches, tables, and turn-by-turn directions as the only non-visual map experience. Audiom opens digital cartography to blind users for the first time! The best part is that Audiom runs on standard map data, so it’s easy to integrate! If you would like a demo, or want to talk about bringing your website, mobile app, or kiosk into compliance, please schedule a time to talk. Thank you to the team at Level Access for working with us to achieve this historic milestone.

-- By XR Navigation

Conceived by Brandon Biggs, in collaboration with Dr. James Coughlan, and developed with Christopher Toth, Audiom is a way to view maps entirely using audio cues. It can be made to accompany any map viewable on the internet. What is truly exciting is that Audiom's WCAG AAA compliance means that now it has de facto become the standard for any map provider worldwide.

View the Accessibility Conformance Report here.
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