International Higher Visual Function Question Inventory Study

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The Higher Visual Function Question Inventory (HVFQI), created and validated by Dr. Arvind Chandna, researchers in the SEELAB, and Alder Hey Children's Hospital is a growing international study that is attracting participants all over the world, including Canada, Scotland, and the United Kingdom. This study is being done completely remote, with interviews being held through virtual meetings. It is being made available in numerous languages and even accommodating a text to speech option. This study is approved by our Institution Review Board (ethical approval) at Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute. 

This 59 question web-based app is used assess the spectrum of visually guided behaviors in children with a diagnosis, or suspected diagnosis of CVI. The HVFQI provides potential strategies for families, caretakers, and teachers to help children 4-18 years old with their visual deficits. Originally being made for children 4-18 years old, the HVFQI is now being studied for all ages, including 0-3 year olds and adults aged 19-60 years old.

We hope to be able to make a significant difference to the assessment of children with Cerebral Visual Impairment upon completion of this study. 

Dr. Chandna and his team are actively looking for parents and children with CVI to participate in his study. Potential participants can contact them at