SKERI Research Recognized with the Dr. Arthur I. Karshmer Award for Assistive Technology Research

smartphone camera aimed at a model of a biological cell with two styluses nearby

We congratulate Dr. James Coughlan, Dr. Huiying Shen and Brandon Biggs, MDes on winning the Dr. Arthur I. Karshmer Award for Assistive Technology Research with their publication Towards Accessible Audio Labeling of 3D Objects that aims to harness smart phone-based technology to query information about a multitude of objects in users' daily lives.

The award is given out annually to the top Journal Track publication presented at the annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference. Organizers of CSUN AT Conference describe the award thus:

Dr. Arthur I. Karshmer Award for Assistive Technology Research

In addition to the General Track, the Annual CSUN AT Conference offers a Journal Track of sessions on research areas in assistive technology. The scientific community around the globe are invited to submit high quality papers on a variety of research topics that undergo rigorous review and the best are accepted for presentation and publication. This year marks the 8th Volume of the Journal on Technology & Persons with Disabilities to be published post-conference, in Spring 2020.

Each year the submission with the highest marks is recognized with the Dr. Arthur Karshmer Award for Assistive Technology Research. Award winners are honored for their exemplary submission and excellence in research and the advancement of assistive technology. It is with this award we honor Dr. Karshmer's extensive experience, commitment and passion in the field of disabilities and assistive technology, and continue his legacy of innovative research in the field of assistive technology.