SKERI Researchers Identify Potential Screening Questions for CVI

SEELAB Logo: anthropomorphized brain and eyeball icons holding hands

In a study headed by Dr. Arvind Chandna, researchers at the SEELAB and collaborators at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital have validated the Higher Visual Function Question Inventory (HVFQI) as an assessment tool, to determine difficulties with vision in everyday life in children with Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI). Based on interviews with parents the 51- question HVFQI outlined the range of difficulties with visually guided behaviour for each child and suggested strategies for families, carers and teachers to help the child. The research study also identified 11 of the fifty-one questions (the Top-11) that were highly sensitive in detecting these visual difficulties and could serve as a screening tool increasing the application of the HVFQI. The Top-11 questions are now being investigated in a large international research study, remotely conducted through video in order to transform the HVFQI into routine clinical practice. 

The research was recently featured by CVI Scotland, a leading organization devoted to helping people understand CVI, and work towards addressing the associated deficits.

For the full study, you can read more here.

Dr Chandna and his Team are actively looking for parents and older children with CVI to participate in the study. Potential participants can contact them at