SKERI Scientist Organizes Vestibular/ Oculomotor Meeting

journal cover art drawing of a chameleon using each eye to look at a different fly

SKERI Associate Scientist Natela Shanidze teamed up with Raj Gandhi, a SKERI alum and Professor in the Swanson School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh to organize the Satellite Meeting of the Society for the Neural Control of Movement (NCM) 2022 Annual Meeting in Dublin, Ireland. The meeting, titled A Fine Balance: The Neural Control of Eye and Head Movements in Health Versus Disease, celebrated the scientific contributions of Dr. W. Michael King, a renowned oculomotor and vestibular scientist. These fields have historically been of high significance at SKERI and continue to be relevant to vision research, given the prevalence of age-related decline in both the visual and vestibular senses, which can compound to increase the risk of falls and decrease quality of life in older adults.

The meeting, originally planned for the 2020 meeting and delayed by the COVID pandemic, brought together senior and junior scientists in the vestibular and oculomotor fields and covered a broad range of topics from structure and function in the vestibular periphery, central vestibular and oculomotor pathways, as well as dysfunction in these sensory and motor systems.

group shot of attendees of NCM 2022 Satellite Meeting