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3/15/2020 -  Following the Coronavirus recommendations of local and state officials to reduce close contact with people in order to slow the transmission of the disease,  we are temporarily halting meetings of our Low Vision Support Group.  We appreciate your interest in our work and hope to involve you in it in the near future.

Join Dr. Don Fletcher, one of the world’s leading authorities on Low Vision Rehabilitation, to share experiences and learn about the things that help you maintain a full and happy life while living with low vision. This support group is completely free. Each month a new topic will be discussed. There will also be opportunities to learn about the cutting edge research on low vision happening at Smith-Kettlewell.


  • Collage of RERC staff mebers and RERC projects

    Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center

    The Center's research goal is to develop and apply new scientific knowledge and practical, cost-effective devices to better understand and address the real-world problems of blind, visually impaired, and deaf-blind consumers

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  • Fletcher Lab

    Our research interests include macular function in low vision patients; outcomes of occupational therapy training of low vision patients; and psychology in low vision rehabilitation.

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Bebe St. John