Functional Assessment - Visual Fields

ivasearch sample 2

Most patients are unaware of their visual field defects and scotomata, be it from AMD, from glaucoma, from RP, or from other causes. 


Dr. Colenbrander developed an improved functional scoring system for visual fields, as part of the Functional Vision Score system (see Guidelines)


            Preliminary implementation of the Functional Vision Score system on the Humphrey Field Analyzer. August Colenbrander, MD, Marc F. Lieberman, MD, Daniel C. Schainholz, MD. Perimetry Update 1992/93, (Proceedings of the International Perimetric Society, Kyoto, October 1992), Kugler publications, 1993, pp 487-496.



Dr. Colenbrander later developed a visual search test as a fast screening test for scotomata, implemented on a smartphone or tablet.    [PDF]