Workshop Series on Computer Vision and Sensor-Enabled Assistive Technology for Visual Impairment

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Recent workshop:

Workshop on Environmental Sensing Technologies for Visual Impairment (ESTVI '13 in San Francisco)

ESTVI '13 focused on emerging technologies capable of sensing environmental features for applications in access technologies for persons with visual impairment, including low vision and blindness. The development of environmental sensing technologies (ESTs) and the study of their potential to support the activities of daily living for visually impaired persons is progressing at a rapid pace, and engages many disparate research fields, including computer vision, wearable sensors, ubiquitous computing, crowdsourcing, man-machine interfaces, and human factors. It is important to create a forum to forge interdisciplinary links among practitioners in these fields and to promote research into ESTs that will have the greatest likelihood of having a real impact on the lives of people with visual impairment.


Earlier workshops on Computer Vision Applications for the Visually Impaired: CVAVI '05 (in San Diego), CVAVI '08 (in Marseille), CVAVI '10 (in San Francisco)