Current techniques of adjustable strabismus surgery

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Adjustable strabismus surgical procedures provide the opportunity to reposition a surgically altered muscle position, which is often necessary for nonaverage cases of strabismus correction. The usual surgical procedure is extended into the postoperative period (same hospitalization) so that the surgeon may satisfactorily monitor the total end result (by cover test and rotations) at the time of adjustment. Adjustable techniques should be considered whenever a desired goal is unlikely to be reached in one surgical session. Recent technical improvements allow satisfactory globe position control during the adjustment stage for ease of recession or resection adjustment. Globe stabilization is attained during surgery and the postoperative adjustment by means of a scleral loop handle, placed near the corneoscleral limbus. Millimeters of adjustment are easily estimated by means of a sliding suture knot technique.


American journal of ophthalmology



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