The Relation Between Visual Acuity and Other Spatial Vision Measures

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To examine to what extent measurement of standard visual acuity allows prediction of other spatial vision measures on an individual basis when high correlations exist between visual acuity and the other measures. A series of spatial vision functions were measured in a sample of 900 community-dwelling older observers. Regression analysis was performed, and correlation coefficients were calculated between standard high-contrast visual acuity and other spatial vision measures including contrast sensitivity, low-contrast acuity, low-contrast low-luminance acuity (SKILL card), and disability glare acuity. All measures were highly and significantly correlated with standard visual acuity (r = 0.68 to 0.91). Despite the high correlations, many predictions of the other spatial vision measures from the correlation with standard acuity fell considerably outside of acceptable ranges determined by repeatability. The influence of the range of values in correlations is emphasized. Other spatial vision measures cannot be predicted on an individual basis from visual acuity despite high and significant correlations between the measures.


Optometry and Vision Science





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