VEDBViz: The Visual Experience Database visualization and interaction tool

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Mobile, simultaneous tracking of both the head and eyes is typically achieved through integration of separate head and eye tracking systems because off-the-shelf solutions do not yet exist. Similarly, joint visualization and analysis of head and eye movement data is not possible with standard software packages because these were designed to support either head or eye tracking in isolation. Thus, there is a need for software that supports joint analysis of head and eye data to characterize and investigate topics including head-eye coordination and reconstruction of how the eye is moving in space. To address this need, we have begun developing VEDBViz which supports simultaneous graphing and animation of head and eye movement data recorded with the Intel RealSense T265 and Pupil Core, respectively. We describe current functionality as well as features and applications that are still in development.

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2021 ACM Syposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications ActivEye Workshop

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Association for Computing Machinery

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Visualization tool showing skull and eyes in skull making a leftward head and eye fixation. Visualization tool displays timeseries data of 3 DOF head velocity as well as FPS and sampling rate.