You Described, We Archived: A Rich Audio Description Dataset

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The You Described, We Archived dataset (YuWA) is a collaboration between San Francisco StateUniversity and The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute. It includes audio description (AD) data collectedworldwide 2013-2022 through YouDescribe, an accessibility tool for adding audio descriptions to YouTube videos.YouDescribe, a web-based audio description tool along with an iOS viewing app, has a community of 12,000+average annual visitors, with approximately 3,000 volunteer describers, and has created over 5,500 audio describedYouTube videos. Blind and visually impaired (BVI) viewers request videos, which then are saved to a wishlist andvolunteer audio describers select a video, write a script, record audio clips, and edit clip placement to create an audiodescription. The AD tracks are stored separately, posted for public view at with the YouTube video.The YuWA audio description data paired with the describer and viewer metadata,and collection timeline has a large number of research applications including artificial intelligence, machinelearning, sociolinguistics, audio description, video understanding, video retrieval and video-language groundingtasks


Journal on Technology and Persons with Disabilities



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